Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bootie high by the 4th of July

Well, the busy holiday weekend has come to an end I'm lucky enough to find myself home, alone (completely, oh thank god!). John and the dog are at the cabin, Bodie is at his dad's, and Scott is somewhere between Middleton and home, leaving little ol' me up to my own devices (read: doing something without a single TV turned on!). So, sitting in silence in the dimly-lit living room, I pulled out the camera, uploaded a weeks-worth of photos and realized I haven't blogged in a while.

The last week and a half has been a total blur! It all started off with an entire day devoted to inventory at work, two Sundays ago, followed by two more days of work. Intense, to say the least! That was followed by two days of gardening/mommy-ing at home, with the intentions of getting everything ready for hosting our own pre-Fourth party on Friday. Saturday was filled with more work and our friends Steve & Sarah's Rhythm & Booms party. After a night of fun I was a peach at work on Sunday, I'm sure, and an even sweeter driver on my way to pick up Bodie that evening (I managed to get lost twice on a route I've driven oodles of times!) Monday was the Fourth, at last, and Bodie and I paddled over in Cherokee Marsh early in the day while Scott was at work. We capped hell week the Fourth with a final firework viewing, perched atop a neighborhood (mosquito infested) hill, with the ability to see multiple different firework displays (none of them professional, all of them ooh-n-aah-inspiring). I wish I could say I have the next couple of days off, but oh NO! This little lady has to work straight through until Saturday. Oh, the joys of being the only regularly employed employee at a small business.

OK. Sorry about that. Enough bitching. I guess without the guys here to reprimand me I had a moment of weakness and decided to vent! Ahh ... that's a lot off my shoulders. Now the fun stuff!

I was intending for this post to be primarily an update on the garden. And up it is! There's an old rhyme that farmers, and I, use regarding the height of corn in relation to a certain early July holiday. Well, I'm proud to announce that most of my corn is bootie high by the Fourth of July! And now that I look a little closer at the photo, I realize that my little guy is really not too little any more, either (and almost boobie high. At three!).

As we continued around the garden that afternoon we sampled the first of the raspberries and even some baby sugar snap peas. In the next few days both of those should be ripening in full force. As I look out the patio door right now, I can see hundreds of magenta orbs polka dotting a lush, green thicket. The tomato plants have started to blossom and the basil is beginning to thicken up with leaves (and tastes delish! I can't wait to make pesto). The pumpkins already have thick vines meandering around the back corner of the garden, and the butternut squash and cucumbers are just starting to send vines.

Oh, all this talk of vegetables reminded me of how hungry I am. Time to go rummage through the pantry for inspiration and to enjoy my last few minutes of silence before Scott walks in the door!