Monday, August 10, 2015

Portfolio Updates & Radio Station News

When it comes to design work, I've been quite busy lately. Whether for Valerie's Workshop or my day job at Rutabaga Paddlesports, I've been creating daily. The creative work has included images for,  graphics for social media pages, logo design, and more. I've even been lucky enough to photograph a few events for Rutabaga, so many of the images in the graphics are captured by myself.

The highlight of all of these projects, however, has been the opportunities that have arisen since designing the WVMO logo. As a volunteer for the Local LP-FM radio station, WVMO, I attend our monthly planning meetings. At one of the first meetings, I was connected with a few women hoping to record jingles for the station. There formed the Jinglegals; a sextet of Madison women writing and recording station id's out of their home studio. As the radio station preps for it's kickoff broadcast August 21, we've polished our jingles to include a twang, blues, polka, bossa nova and cadence style jingle. Just imagine a 2015 version of the Andrew's Sisters, minus the matching outfits (all though that's my hope and dream for when we start touring).

So, please take a minute to explore the links and images and catch up on what I've been up to. And if you're in the Madison area, tune your radio dial to 98.7 FM to sample what The Voice of Monona is all about. We broadcast from City Hall in Monona with a limited broadcast range, but you should be able to pick up a signal within a 5 mile radius of the tower.

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