Saturday, September 17, 2011


As each day passes I become more and more excited to realize that fall is on it's way here in Madison. The sugar maples have given in and started turning red, orange and gold. The students have returned to campus, turning my commute into a game of spot-the-most-rediculous-new-fashion-trend. Oh, and the temperature has been dipping into the 40s at night, forcing the windows to be closed and the down comforter to be pulled out of the closet (and me to cuddle a little bit closer to my honey).

I love everything about fall; wearing extra layers of bold patterned wool shirts, hiking through the woods to record the changing of the season and making big batches of chili in the dutch oven. Only this time of year can I fill my house with pumpkins (both for decorating and baking), put scare crows in the front yard and comfortably drink a caramel latte (ooh ... I could go for one right now!) Only in autumn, for the first time in my life for that matter, can I run out to my garden, grab a butternut squash, onion, chili pepper and basil and have half the ingredients I need to make curry.

Here's to enjoying piping hot cups of coffee on chilly autumn mornings. Here's to hopping on the cruiser and riding down to the farmers market for mums and pumpkins. Here's to sneaking away to your favorite spot to enjoy your favorite part about fall!