Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kitchen Comfort

February in Wisconsin can lead people in all different directions. Some people get cabin fever and head to the hills to launch themselves downward with a couple of fancy 2x4's strapped to their feet, or to the lake to freeze their tuckus while praying a fish bites. Some folks head to the kitchen, cooking vats of chili and baking dozens of loaves of bread. Others suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and keep quiet until the light and warmth of Spring lift their spirits. I, unfortunately, fall somewhere in between all three. But no matter what time of year, no matter what my mental state, nothing picks me up quicker then a few minutes of tinkering in the kitchen.

This past week we had one heck of a blizzard dumped on us in Madison, with 18+" of snow falling over two days (into a city that was already loaded with snow). Rather then wasting the day away on the couch, I cooked. I roasted a pumpkin and made a new version of pumpkin soup, surprised myself with a no-recipe, no-clue cheesecake, and made the most to-die-for shredded chicken (recipe & photos to come ASAP). By Thursday afternoon we had so many tasty snacks around the house I hardly knew what to do with it all! Fortunately, I have friends that are usually very willing recipients of any food surplus I might have. The best part of all was that my 3-year-old offered to do the dishes for me on Friday. Bless his little heart!

No matter your age or skill level, I hope that cooking brings you the same joy it brings to me.

Oh heck, if nothing else come over and sit in the kitchen with me while I cook. We can scheme about what we'll do in the more pleasant months to come and enjoy the comfort of my warm kitchen.