Thursday, June 16, 2011

Out and about

Well, it should go without saying that we've been busy lately! The weather has surpassed the spring blahs and reached the pleasant, mild weather of early summer, drawing us outdoors and away from the computer. We've been on many adventures lately, taking us all over southern Wisconsin, doing everything from mushroom hunting to swimming to antiquing.

Almost two weeks ago now, Scott and I got to escape for an evening. As a birthday present, a friend reserved a room for the two of us in the Fountain Prairie Bed & Breakfast. Our Garden Room was on the second floor of a turn of the century Victorian farm house. (something I would LOVE to own myself someday, with a possible bed and breakfast/hobby farm as my pass-times). I was in heaven! The two of us had a hard time not drooling over the pristine woodworking, the claw-footed tub, and the stunning view from the barn (which was even more enjoyable since we both had just been handed a chilled glass of white wine).

After a restful evening and a mouthwatering, two hour long breakfast filled with hunting stories and hot coffee, we headed to the antique mall in nearby Columbus. While driving there, and getting lost, we spotted one last mushroom to wrap up our hunting season. I don't know what this mass of foam was supposed to be, but being over 3 feet tall it was hard to miss (and I'm sure filled with asbestos).

The Columbus Antique mall was gigantic to say the least, and only having an hour to shop, we barely scratched the surface. We did end up leaving with a carbon steel cleaver and a cast iron pan for less then $10 total.

I've been on a thrifting kick since then and have been lucky enough to spend just a few dollars on a bunch of other new treasures. I found a $2 glass bottle boasting a pink and gold floral motif, that just happened to match a cup and saucer I already had. Also at that store I found a red wire 3-tier hanging basket for just $.60! This basket was hung between the living room and dinnette and, for the time being, will be housing sunglasses and seeds rather then fruits and vegetables.

Today was the ultimate day in our adventures. Bodie and I spent the whole day together. First thing after breakfast we loaded the cruiser trailer with a blanket and beverages and headed to the park just around the corner. We spent an hour swinging, reading and throwing wiffle balls up the tube slide. (And I must admit, I was drinking coffee ... I have to keep up with a 3-year-old somehow!)

When we played with all the park had to offer we hopped back on the bike and rode a half mile down the road to our neighborhood Antique Mall. Who knew this gem was just blocks from my house and didn't tell me?!? Bodie and I walked up and down and back around every nook and cranny of the place. It was filled with all types of classic goodies, and were really well priced for a Madison antique store. I found a darling, little vase (under 3" tall) and a glass shaker-top bottle that I plan to use for dusting flour while baking. I definitely plan on going back to this store (ASAP), hopefully with Scott in-tow and maybe with a little more then $3 in my pocket! 

Oh, one last thing to share. I found this sunny yellow candle sconce at another store last week. It's brightening up a spot on the living room wall (and adding another feminine touch to a rather masculine living room). Toodles!