Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garden Update #2

For the second day of summer, the weather is a bit too cool and gloomy. The rain let up long enough for me to run outside for a garden update. The ankle deep grass in our backyard was covered in rain drops and the local finch family was curiously watching my movements from their home in the clothes line. If I stood still long enogh, Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal would even swoop in from the maple to say hello and grab some sunflower seeds from the feeder.

With the exception of my pepper plants (the rabbits ate them all, down to the ground!! gasp!), all of the plants in our garden are coming right along. The raspberries are a little behind due to the cool spring, but in a matter of days, or a week, we will be harvesting ripe, red berries from our bushes.

Located near the raspberries there is a trellis. Made from an old latter, this will be the suppor from which various plants will grow. One of my hopefuls are the morning glories. I envision their fuzzy vines reaching skyward, covering the trellis with leaf-green hearts, revealing their flowers with each sunrise.

The corn and sugar snap peas are coming along nicely, and the tomatos and basil are lush and leafy. Adorning the entire garden is a star I found at a local thrift shop last summer. This star hangs from the center of the trellis and I hope, someday, the morning glories and moon flowers will reach this center point.

Don't tell Scott, but with each shovelful of dirt, each planting of flowers, I fall more and more in love with our home and yard. As much as I hope and dream to move out to the country, the home we have created here, together, is really growing on me. We have put so much time into improvements and adding our own unique touches all around, things which have transformed a house into our home.

Now, time to make some banana nut muffins, deliver them about town, and make it home with enough time to spare to bust out some block prints. Wish me luck!

PS. If I woke up every morning feeling as content as I did this morning, I'd be a very, very happy momma! Maybe that had something to do with the fact that I didn't have crazy, early-morning, bedhead!?