Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Northwoods Adventures: #2 for 2011

If you live any where near me, you've probably had the pleasure of dealing with hot, sticky summer days. Yes, you should read a little sarcasm with that comment. I love warm weather; wearing sun dresses and wide brimmed hats, working the garden and paddling the local waterways, sitting on the deck, late at night, conversing with friends. I don't love high heat and humidity together, though, and am this close to being over summer. In order to fall back in love with summer, and get a couple of days without real responsibility, Bodie and I went to the cabin.

We packed my little Rav-4 with everything needed for our 2.5 day escape: bathing suits, towels, squirt guns and lifejackets, a tricycle and a butterfly net, fishing poles and tackle bags. We had a cooler full of goodies: hot dogs, popsicles, margaritas and juice boxes. We had earthworms and waxies, jigs and Rapalas, brand new pliers and glow-in-the-dark bobbers. If my small amount of planning worked, we'd be kicking back and utterly enjoying ourselves the whole time.

And, boy, did we ever! I baked fresh corn muffins for breakfast that we covered in honey (and I washed down with a bit of coffee). We made mini pizzas with naan crust coated with cheddar cheese, bell peppers slivers and fresh, home-grown basil. We ate our favorite guilty pleasure; $1.29 ginger snaps from the Winter Co-Op.

From the moment we arrived, and practically every waking moment after, we were down by the lake. The cabin garage stock-piles countless flotation devices; from sharks to inner tubes to noodles, we had it all. If I wasn't fishing for bluegill off the end of the pier, chances are I was floating on a gigantic circular raft watching Bodie try to catch minnows in his net or splashing around in the shallows.

I woke at dawn each morning and was lucky enough to witness Friday's sunrise. The humidity had finally broken during the evening and with it came a cool front and clouds. The lake was covered in rolling steam, the sun seeming to rise multiple times after each return from behind the clouds.

There is an amazing vintage hat collection at the cabin. Apparently the Hamstra family has the same fondness for head ware that I do. My absolute favorite cabin hat is Grandma Hamstra's straw hat, one I found hanging from a nail in one of the closets last year. It has a wide brim in the front but no brim in the back, so I can leave it on while lounging on my back on a floatie. Keep your eyes peeled for one, I need one of these hats for at home. Oh, and if you look really close, you can see some of the remnants of my bike wipe out. Sprain, sprain, go away!

The cabin and its surroundings gave us respite from the summer doldrums. We cooled ourselves in the crystal clear water of Perch Lake. We gulped deep breaths of fresh, clean air. We listened to the birds sing and watched the dragon flies buzz about. We let our inner-child take over and allowed ourselves to play, giggle, chase each other with squirt guns and take naps. We took pleasure in doing nothing at all. We grilled hot dogs and caught dozens of fish. We remembered what summer is supposed to be all about; fun. Oh, what I wouldn't give to feel like I do at the cabin every day of the year! Oh, to be a kid again! Oh, to not have to work! I guess I'll have to keep dreaming.