Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our Northwoods Adventures: #3 for 2011

Before I get to telling you about our latest escape to the cabin, I wanted to prove that the creative juices are still flowing. Scott salvaged an old cabinet door for me a while back and it's been waiting in the workshop since, hoping I'd be inspired to make something with it. Well, the inspiration came from our toothphick jar, of all things. It boasted the  same graphic on it's front. After masking and xactoing, I spraypainted the whole thing with metallic silver paint.  This will eventually be hung outside, on the south face of the house, where it will be able to reflect the afternoon rays.

As the title alludes, we went up north again. It was the most enjoyable trip so far this year! Flowers we're blooming everywhere, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries were ripening all through the forest and we had the most bountiful mushroom hunt yet.

Scott and Bodie spent hours on the pier, reeling in bluegills and throwing tennis balls for Harper. We roasted marshmallows, went swimming and tested the 4-wheeler.

We found lobster mushrooms, chanterelles, russula, and many, many more. Scott, Bodie and I we're approximately 100 yards from the trailhead when we came across the first cluster of them, and as we kept hiking we found hundreds of additional mushrooms. We harvested only those which we were certain were edible, and only enough for a meal or two.

Later that evening, Scott made the best dinner, it's highlight being the sauteed mushrooms from our hike in the forest.  After dinner, I paddled the lake in Scott's solo canoe (a boat I haven't paddled before but which I plan to paddle many more times ... it's super sleek in the water!).

While on the water, I was graced with another gorgeous sunset, directly over the cabin. What a great way to end to a crazy week. Four days in the northwoods with my guys. I'm such a lucky lady!