Sunday, August 21, 2011

Garden Update #3

I got home from work at a reasonable hour this afternoon, with a reasonable amount of energy left (some, for that matter), and decided to take a walk through the garden. It is completely thriving right now. My cherry tomatoes are ripening faster then we can eat them (cherry tomatoes anyone?) and the onions are of harvesting size. The basil and sage are also continuing to produce many leaves, which are begging to be harvested. I'll most likely be making a giant batch of pesto towards the end of the week. Pesto anyone? My favorite corner of the garden is the pumpkin patch. Big fuzzy, green leaves are blanketing the back section of the garden, with 3"-6" pumpkins hiding in the shade. Just as I was hoping earlier this summer, the morning glories have reached the top of the trellis and have begun growing towards the center. My lilies have also bloomed, their pale pink blossoms brigtening of the side of the yard, as well as the kitchen table. Last, but certainly not least, are the sunflowers. One, in the back garden just bloomed, providing a new snack for some of the local bugs. My favorite, however, has not bloomed yet, and is over eight feet tall. It's rapidly reaching skyward, and has now even crouched over to reach out from under the roof overhang. As soon as it blooms, I promise to post a photo of it and me. Oh, and I bought a couple new pieces of yard art while on our last trip to the cabin. Two metal dragonflies are now watching over different sections of the yard.