Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I went to the top of the world today, 
to see what I could find, 
and all I saw for miles and miles,
were things you left behind.
Your spirit was high up in the clouds, 
moving carefree through the sky.
Your voice whispered through the leaves,
saying 'sister, don't you cry.'
The river contained your courage, 
never knowing when to cease.
Even your laughter echoed
through a soaring flock of geese.

Your strength was in the trees,
growing taller every day
Your smile was in the sun, 
beaming down from far away.
In the sparrows you left curiosity, 
always seeming to ask us why.
And the hills held your ambition, 
reaching upwards towards the sky.
So even though you are now gone, 
your soul will never be, 
for I take it everywhere I go,
it is wild and 
it is free.

Written by Valerie Hein,
In memory of Benjamin Thomas Hein and Scott Thomas Peterson.