Sunday, December 16, 2012

I pray for peace

Friday started normally for many of us. We woke up early, went through our normal routine of breakfasting, dressing and beginning our day. Some of us went to work, some of us stayed home, but for many, we went to school.

My son and I arrived early, as we normally do after a long commute from Madison to Ixonia. I walked with him to the doorstep of the school, where I left him while I signed myself in as I do every Friday. I chatted with the school secretary, wishing her a happy holiday as I admired how festive the school looked. I said hello to the nurse and gave her an update on my sons condition, as he had been home sick with the flu for the last three days. After a quick pitstop, I returned to the entrance of the school, where I met up with the 4-k class on our walk into the classroom.

We walked down the steps single file, hung our coats up in the appropriate cubby and made our way into Mrs. R's cozy classroom. Just like children all across the country, we gathered together after the bell rang. We rose together to say the pledge of allegiance, hands over our hearts; taking a moment to correct a few little hands, crossed over the wrong side of their chest. We listened to the Principals announcements and started our routine.

Our day continued, after this point, but at Sandy Hook Elementary, time stood still. A lone gunman forced his way into the school. Moments later, tragedy. So many innocent lives were lost so quickly.

My mind races to think what we would have done if it was our classroom effected. My heart sinks and my stomach flips at the thought. How ever could this happen?

I say a prayer and run to my son. I hug him like I never have before and tell him I love him. I hold his precious little hand in mine before he quickly pulls it away to get back to his legos.

I pray that he and I never have to face a situation like this. I pray that we stay safe in the chaotic place this world is becoming. I pray for the families effected.

I pray for peace.