Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Time to slice

The final step of prepping all of my artwork for sale was creating and attaching tags for everything. I designed, printed, cut, whole punched and tied bows all day for the last two days. What a process! I now have everything done and packed in a box waiting to take the journey to Mineral Point. In the meantime, I'm going to run to St. Vinnie's to try to find some display boxes of some kind and design an artist's statement to be displayed by the artwork. Maybe by the end of the week, my products will be in stores! Keep your fingers crossed, everybody.

And, besides all my paper and wood crafts I've been creating lately, I've been a busy photographer, too. This past weekend we went hunting at a beautiful hunting preserve in Spring Green. To help this growing business, I'll be photographing hunts and events at their property over the next few weeks. I might even help with a bit of graphic and web design. I'm so happy my freelancing has been paying off lately. If I keep going at this rate, maybe by this time next year I'll be able to work from home full time. Again, we'll all keep our fingers and toes crossed.

And, if all goes as hoped, I'll be starting two new part-time jobs next week. A short time ago I stepped down from my fast paced, chaotic management position realizing that I needed to focus on the home front a little more. My life was getting away from me, and with Bodie starting school, I really needed to re-prioritize my life to focus on what really matters; a happy, healthy lifestyle for me and my family. So, to allow myself to make this change, I realized two things; one, I needed to start creating and selling my own artwork; and two, I can't work a full-time job while doing this and keeping up with my life. Well, low and behold, Craigslist connected me with a few job listings, and after a bit of patient waiting, I was called in for several interviews and already offered one part-time job. Next Monday I'll start at Hitters Sports Complex in Middleton as a childcare assistant and graphic artist. And, in the meantime, I am waiting to hear back from All Saints Assisted Living & Memory Care. They are in need of someone to help with the Activities Department and in their Kitchen. As my skillset really matches their need, they all felt like I was a really great fit. So let's hope my background check clears and that I get a positive phone call from them in the next coouple of dyas.

Even as a small girl, I had great fashion sense and a need to chat!

Which brings me to my little rant before I get back to the workshop. With all this excitement my life, I've become quite phone dependent. Well, yesterday, I get back home, go to check my voicemail and am greeted with a busy signal that just wouldn't go away. So, this morning, after almost 24 hours without service (gasp!), I decided to instant message customer service at Charter to see what the issue was. As is usual, I was bounced from one service agent to another. An hour after our chat session began, and after I run up and down the stairs about 20 times, disconnecting and reconnecting the phone and phone modem, I was ever so politely told that somehow, mysteriously, Charter switched the phone number listed in my account. So, now, I must wait again, for the geniuses on their tech team to fix the problem. Is Charter going to give me a job if All Saints can't contact me since my phone isn't working?

Ugh! Maybe, like my post title says, it's time to slice Charter. This isn't the first time mystery changes have occurred on my account. We'll see how they make up for this one!