Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Cleaning

As April rapidly approaches, so does my 30th birthday. This milestone is causing all sorts of energy to stir within me and I'm trying to ride the wave to success. There are a many projects on my docket at the moment and this energy is helping me focus, prioritize and act.

The first project is a little bit of digital spring cleaning. As you may, or may not, have noticed, I did a bit of redesigning on Valerie's Workshop. I attempted to update all of my social media accounts to match, which include Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I refreshed the content in my portfolio to include my social media campaigns for Rutabaga and Canoecopia from the last year. I even updated my resume, and revised my references, too. You never know who's looking or when you might need to share that valuable information. If you are wishing to view these updates, click on the links at the top of the right column.

With my digital house in order, I plan to move on to my regular house. I recently began cleaning my home's infamous project room, aka Valerie's Workshop. This is where many of my non-digital designs originate. It also happens to be where the bulk of my son's toys are stored. Both parts of the room are spilling over and need to be corralled. In the next few weeks I hope to finish the organization process by installing some shelving, sorting (and donating some of) the toys, and storing them neatly in their new home. Our living room/library/piano lounge/overflowing closet also needs love as the seasons change. We have more books then we could possibly ever reread and it's time we downsized our dust gathering collection.

Maybe, by the time 30 arrives, I'll have burned through all this excess energy. Sometimes I feel I must look like a manic robin, popping from project to project, or worm hole to worm hole, as the sun shines warmly on my shoulders. I can feel spring rapidly approaching, and I know I must work quickly to stock my home and great ready for the new work of summer. I have two projects in the works that I hope to announce details on in the next few months; one personal, one professional. Please stay tuned as the next chapter of Valerie's Workshop takes shape!